UPDATE — Tales of the Future, Part I now on Scribd

As the title says, Tales of the Future, Part I is now available for exclusive free download on Scribd. Parts II and III will be due out by the end of the year, as promised.


Tales of the Future, Part I is also available through Vindicius under the Free Stuff page.




A “Malthusian Trap,” and a Good Read

Population growth and its consequences. 

That Pretty Much Sums it Up


Food For Thought — 6/10/14

Thoughts from Zippy and friends: (click to enlarge)



Predictions: World Cup

Group A: Brazil, Mexico

Group B: Spain, Netherlands

Group C: Japan, Ivory Coast

Group D: Italy, England

Group E: France, Ecuador

Group F: Argentina, Nigeria

Group G: Germany, United States

Group H: Algeria, Russia



Brazil over Germany–4-1

Spain over United States–1-0



Brazil over Spain–2-1

Power Man Reign

In accordance with the teaser trailer, there is a now a dedicated page for my next project, “Power Man Reign.” The page (PMR) will be updated on an every-other-month basis and will also contain updates to the three-part “Tales of the Future,” which is set to be completed by the end of the year.



Bill Bowyer’s Top 10 Horse Names

In the spirit of California Chrome and the pursuit of a triple crown, here is a list of 10 names that I would give a racing horse…If I had one:

1. Put me Down

2. Ney I Say

3. Hoofer

4. Thoroughdead

5. Hung

6. Jane’s Gettin Serious

7. Wedlock Wilbur

8. Blade Runner

9. Guilty

10. Vindicius

Go Chrome Go!

From The New York Times : Supplemental Material for Climate Change

This article from the NYT is brilliant. Check out the graphic on the ice melt especially.



From the BBC–Supplemental Material for Solutions to Climate Change

This is from the BBC: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-27454669


Solutions to Climate Change–Water

Video Post #1 — Solutions to Climate Change — Water

Bill Bowyer narrates his first video post