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Re-Post — 20 Feet

From Vindicius: Sept 12, 2013


Several weeks ago I was out for a walk near my old elementary school. While approaching the school I decided to count the steps from the parking lot to the street. It took twenty.

There were no gunshots, no gang affiliations or any perceivable need for a fear of my life.

This seems to be a luxury in today’s world.

Taking a close look at Chicago’s schools, there is a growing fear of children being caught in the crossfire of gang violence or random acts of violence while simply walking to school. In universities there is still the persistent fear of a lone shooter. This fear is also found in high schools and middle schools alike.

I do not believe this is an issue of guns or gun control nor will I use this blog to advocate for either political affiliation.

What I believe to be the true problem is the fundamental lack of care that we have for community development. There is no sense of neighborly contact or trust, though I know there are several areas where this is not entirely true. But even in the small village town that I live near, there is a complete lack of community development and neighborly contact that is alarmingly powerful.

Even in large cities like Chicago, Detroit and L.A. there is a distance that is getting harder to bridge. Of course there is the argument that police funding is the simple answer to this problem and I do believe that may be true. However I also believe that it cannot be ignored that we as humans are growing further and further apart, not just socially but mentally and emotionally. Class warfare, stereotyping and various other forms of vindictiveness seem to be growing throughout the world.

How to fix it?

I’m not sure quite yet, though I believe that there may be unforeseen factors that could present a solution in the coming years, perhaps decades.

It took me twenty steps to rediscover a happier time in life. It may be walking backwards, but sometimes you must take several steps back before you can move forward again.




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Re-Post — Common Sense

From Vindicius: Sept. 11, 2013


A triangle is designed to be strongest at the bottom, not at the top. If its weight is most at the top, then it will eventually collapse.

Duh, huh?

Well, with income inequality at its greatest since 1927 (hint hint), it is becoming more and more obvious that the United States is beginning to take the shape of a top-heavy triangle. The rungs on the metaphorical ladder of opportunity are becoming “further and further apart” according to the President. However the truth of the matter is that there is no ladder anymore.

Just a little common sense on Wednesday afternoon: top-heavy triangles always topple over and crumble.

Grab an umbrella and take shelter.




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Re-Post — The Necessity of (Bad) Government

From Vindicius: Sept. 30, 2013


There is a saying that in order to appreciate heaven, one must first endure hell.

The same metaphor can be applied to the recent government showdown in the United States. Endless bickering and debate have left many people wondering why the elected leaders of their government cannot came to an agreement. Though it seems likely that a shutdown will occur, the continued necessity of such inaction is precisely the reason why a shutdown is not as bad as one would think.

This may sound insane to quite a few people. Inaction and necessity do not always produce results, true as it may be. But for the future of government, it is always necessary to endure the sickness of a few bad eggs in order to realize how to properly check for freshness, so to speak.

Governmental cycles like this always occur, and the lessons that they produce often allow for consistent progress in future years. Whether or not this will be the case is up to time to tell, but if the past is any indication, the United States government will produce much “better” results in the coming years.

Like freedom, good government cannot truly be appreciated until the ugly aunt of inaction and oppression comes to town. Be patient, and she will eventually leave.


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Better Options for Mental Health Treatment are Needed

By Andrew G. Alt

(Editorial from Mental Dimensions)

People struggling with mental health issues—especially those who feel they’re unable to manage and cope on their own—are encouraged to seek professional help. Talking with family and friends about their struggles can be beneficial, but if that proves insufficient then other steps need to be taken. But what if a person (I’ll use the term consumer for the remainder of this letter) is unable or unwilling to seek professional help? What options remain after consumers have obtained professional help in the past and it’s yielded few, zero, or negative results? Professional help is no guarantee. Doctors are not gods, and doctors do not claim to be gods. When we tell consumers that help and treatment is available, that they simply have to ask, it implies that they are likely to receive effective treatment from professionals. This is sometimes not the case, and their feelings of disillusionment may prevent them from seeking help in the future.

I am a consumer. In the last twenty years, I have seen seven psychiatrists and seven trained therapists (seven, to the best of my recollection). The opinions in this letter and the following suggestions are based on that experience. I will also draw on what I’ve learned from talking to other consumers, and reading Internet blogs and message forums where they’ve written about their treatment experiences. Continue Reading

Nuclear Transitioning Classes Now Available

By Andy Alt
Mental Dimensions will be hosting a series of Nuclear Transitioning classes. These classes will help prepare you to transition from a world with sunshine and pretty flowers into a post-apocalyptic world of darkness, nightmares, and death.

Among many things, in this class students will learn how to dig tunnels two-thousand feet long within the earth, obtain water without a water source, and extract oxygen molecules from an atmosphere brimming with radiation and nuclear fallout. This class will teach you new skills, build your confidence, and possibly kill you.
Continue Reading

Re-Post — The Freedom to Kill

From Vindicius: Sept. 23, 2013


The illusion of gun violence is becoming quite annoying. We seem to be under the impression that it is only guns that kill our children, the neighbors down the street or the people in another country. We seem to think that a gun is by its nature a very bad thing. We seem to think these things because we are not thinking rationally, but overly emotional.

To illustrate my point: If someone were to place a gun on a table or surface of some sort, the gun would not randomly begin pointing at people and shooting at will. A baseball bat will not bludgeon to death anyone all by itself, nor will a knife begin slashing people by way of freewill. Bombs explode, but their parts will not arrange themselves in the order they are eventually found.

No, these are not weapons, but tools. And tools do not become weapons until they are placed in the hands of those who intend to use them as such. We have become (or worse, still are) a people who assess blame on the object of the crime and not on the person responsible. A trend does not illustrate truth, for the only trend in murder is the human being responsible for the act. It has been this way throughout our existence, though we seem to forget ourselves as the prime tool in need of repair.

I can call for mental-health reform all I want, though in the world of today we seem to distance our mental illnesses far from the reality of our troubled nature. Deep down we all have the freedom to kill, and that is certainly something to be afraid of. But so long as we ignore the darker side of our natures, we will forever drown ourselves in the depths of denial. And that is not a place where humanity can survive.