Re-Post — Choice (To A Degree)

When you’re in the process of getting your college degree or searching for a job after college, everyone will ask you what your degree is and what you want to do. For some people it’s easy; accounting, engineering or law or medical school. For me it’s a different story. I have to tell them “Political […]

Re-Post — The Promise of Freedom

Greetings. Recently I discovered a nest of yellow jackets in the front yard of my parent’s home. The nest happens to be underground, in the path of my daily outdoor trips of Frisbee throwing and the tailoring of my golf swing. Naturally I was disturbed to see vast numbers of these wasps crawling from their […]

Video Game Trader #30 Now Available

Video Game Trader #30 is now available in digital and print-on-demand. This 58 page issue includes: Homebrew Reviews: Match 5 (Intellivision) and Wildlife! (Odyssey2) How to Form a Local Game Club Interview with Matt Harmon of It Came From the Desert Exclusive Excerpts from The 100 Greatest Console Video Games, 1977-1987 by Brett Weiss Press […]

Re-Post — The Freedom of Opportunity

Of all the words and phrases found in the Declaration of Independence, the one that stands out most is the “pursuit of happiness.” In President Obama’s speech today at Knox College he spoke about the rapid deterioration of upward mobility and the creation of opportunities for success. Consistently labeled “The American Dream,” this fancy form […]

Re-Post — The Struggle for Love and Acceptance

From Vindicius: Aug 13, 2013   Turn on the radio and chances are you’ll stumble on a song dealing with love or acceptance. Pick up a novel and you’ll probably find a similar instance. Love, acceptance, denial, suffering. They’re seemingly everywhere in everyday life. Of course nowadays sexual love seems to be the dominant form […]